Our Fosters

We enjoyed the company of a few fosters during 2021. Here are a little bit about them. We found it very hard to pass them on, even though they went to fine homes and families.

Koby & Stewie

Colby and Stewie came to us via Team Dog Rescue and what a pair! Inseparable, playful, and very fond of communicating with each other – about us! Like the other fosters that came to us later, we wanted to keep them, but couldn’t due to a maximum of two dogs allowed in our condo and us having little Cookie at the time. What a playful bunch the three of them, and our hearts went with them to Hamilton and their forever home.


Buddy came into our arms at the Toronto Downsview Animal Centre, where he was being cared for while a foster home was being located. We were the lucky family! It took three days of love, kisses, and hugs to crack open his shell, and what a wonderful loving puppy came out! We had a couple of visits with a wonderful retired family and Buddy and his family have us over for a reunion visit every September. He’s a whole new man, with a beautiful groom, a lovely yard, and so much love and snuggles to share!


Shep came along to us via Team Dog Rescue. We had visits with a few potential adopters, but he was finally placed in a loving home with a daughter that immediately fell in love with him (and the feeling was mutual!) and a large brother named (?? Indy?), and it was happily ever after!

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