Cookielove came to us at eleven years old. She came to us from a lovely woman named Shirley who runs Paws & Tails Adoptions  in Mississauga. Turned in by a ‘backyard breeder, she was given an ultrasound to ensure she wasn’t pregnant, and underwent surgery to fix her untreated hernia. She was cute, but had quite a bit of unhealthy fat, and couldn’t walk much post surgery.

Fast forward a few months and the fat melted off, healing progressed, muscles started to grow, and she started began to march all around, all around! The optometrist estimated she had about three percent vision, and eventually that reduced to complete blindness in both eyes. Luckily, we had developed a walking system, where if I made a sound with my left foot she would steer towards the right, and vice versa. We walked many days through parks and gardens in that way.

She enjoyed visits to Niagara, Kingston, and enjoyed the scent of every lilac at Burlington’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Cookie was with us for three lovely years. Licking us with her mama tongue, enjoying puppycones at Starbucks, whispering her stories in our ears, and demanding a little treat after most walks.

Gizmos Kitchen has donated to Paws & Tails Adoptions.


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